Greetings from Provincial ++#ArchbishopLeonardGibbsJr @LeonardGibbs

Greetings from Provincial
++#ArchbishopLeonardGibbsJr @LeonardGibbs

Greetings great leader!

What an honor it is to be chosen by our God to serve His amazing people. Isn’t it even more amazing that as flawed as we are, He still trust us enough to use us for His purpose of building His people. This type of confidence should make us the more humble in our service and more patient with those that we are called to serve. Yes, our nerves can get tested by those "special case" saints that seem to "never get it" and make it from our view apparent that they don’t want it, but the question must be do you want it. We must daily ask ourselves have we been so discouraged by the "special cases" that it has caused us to function in auto-pilot. Dear leader you are significant to the life of even the one that’s finding it hard to follow through.

I pray that God will give you a word that like in the beginning when He spoke to the world that was without form
and void, it found its structure; that His word through you will fill the voids of the people you serve and encourage you. We need your gift in the earth. You are too valuable to quit. Your change is here. Prophesy to the bones. I love you to life for life.

Your servant,
++ Leonard Gibbs Jr.

Provincial Archbishop
3rd Provincial Metropolis – PLMHCOC
Presiding Prelate
Impact Fellowship International